Return to Self

A journey of self-discovery and healing for heart-centred doctors

Return to Self

A journey of self-discovery and healing for heart-centred doctors

Let’s make 2023 the year you return to your True Self and follow YOUR dreams…

Are you a doctor who has spent so long putting everyone else’s needs and desires first that you’ve lost sight of who you really are and what you really want?

Maybe you’re thinking about leaving medicine and feel lost, overwhelmed… even guilty, or have already left medicine but are still feeling the after-effects of burnout.

Perhaps your heart still lies in medicine, but you know that something needs to change in your work and/or life for you to feel happy and fulfilled.

In Return to Self, I’ll teach you the incredibly powerful tools and techniques that will help you to slow down and tune in, rediscovering and empowering yourself in the process, as you call in the joy, the fulfilment and the freedom that is rightfully yours.

Dearest Soul,

I created this programme for you because I have been where I suspect you are now. I have felt overwhelmed and guilty. Lost and confused. Trapped and, at times, lacking hope.

But what I know now is that there is always hope.

And I know that the only way any of us can be truly happy is by being ourselves.

Wholly. Unapologetically. Freely.

For true freedom can only come when we allow ourselves to be free.

And for that to happen, each of us must make a choice. A choice to put our needs first. To tune in, listen to and trust our own inner voice.

To believe that we are worthy of feeling free…

That we are worthy of being happy.

This programme is centred around that very belief – that each and every one of us deserves to be happy… to be ourselves… to feel free… and, ultimately, to follow our dreams – whatever they may be.

You deserve that too.

Return to Self is your call to return home to yourself. To shed the stories, beliefs and emotions that you have been carrying with you for so very long. The ones that have kept you believing that you are not worthy… the ones that have kept you feeling trapped and unable to make the changes you long for…. the ones that no longer serve you…

Together, we will embark upon a journey of growth and healing. A journey of reconnection, self-love and empowerment.

For this is not about becoming someone new, it is about peeling away the layers and remembering who you truly are underneath the labels and stories you have gathered or been given over the years.

It’s about reconnecting with yourself and your truth.

It’s about Returning to Self.

Changing your life isn’t easy – if it was, you’d have done it years ago! But it IS possible, and I’m here to show you how…

In Return to Self, you will learn:

• Practical ways to protect your energy, so that you are in control of when, where and how you use your energy… and always have enough for the things that are most important to you 

• How to set and protect boundaries, so that people (including you!) respect and honour them


• How to tune in, listen to and trust your inner voice, so that you can trust your decisions and get clarity on what you really want and need

 • How to identify and release old stories, emotions and patterns, so that you are free to follow your dreams without the unconscious blocks we all too often place in our own way

 • How to empower yourself to speak your truth, actively make choices and create momentum, so that you can claim the life you really want

 • How to create a vision that weaves together your passions, innate gifts and true purpose – a vision so beautifully aligned with you that it naturally draws you forwards and makes it feel easy to achieve your goals

• The beautiful, sacred rituals and practices that will support you along the way – and for the rest of your life


Whether you are thinking about leaving medicine, considering your career – and/or life – options, or simply burnt out and feeling lost and exhausted, allow this work to guide you home to yourself.

What is Return to Self?

Return to Self is a unique alchemy of transformational coaching, shamanic wisdom and healing.

This is a Medicine that heals on a Soul level – a Medicine that calls to you to release your pain and the stories that bind you. It whispers your name on the breeze, calling you home to your True Self, empowering you to follow your dreams and speak your truth, so that you may know true freedom.

At a time in our history when there has never been more pressure on doctors, it has never been more important for medics to put their own needs and wellbeing first.

After all, we can only give our best from a cup that is full…

During this 3-month group programme, I’ll be guiding you through the steps and practices that I have followed myself to heal my Soul, find my calling and create a life I love… and it’s the same journey that my clients have gone on to empower themselves, release the immense weight of fear and the expectations of others from their shoulders, heal relationships, rediscover their dreams – their passions – and actually live them!

How Does Return to Self Work?

We’ll be combining coaching techniques and ancient shamanic wisdom as I guide you on your journey of self-discovery and deep inner work, as you peel away the layers of ‘shoulds’ and return to the real you – and what you really want.

You’ll learn how to protect your energy and put boundaries in place, how to reclaim your personal power and your voice, and how to create your vision for your life – and bring it in to reality.

We’ll use beautiful ritual to pull everything together and give you tools that will support you not only on a day-to-day basis, but that you will carry with you throughout your life to draw upon when you need to.

Between sessions, you will be given an invitation to continue your journey at your own pace, with practices to help you nurture yourself, heal and grow.

Come home to yourself…

Who Is Your Return to Self Guide?

Dr Sally Graddon is a former doctor who spent years working towards achieving her goals and trying to please everyone else. The birth of her eldest daughter led to a profound realisation that it wasn’t the life she wanted to lead – or model for her children. She chose to leave medicine and embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing, reclaiming her power (something she had been giving away to others for far too long) in the process.

Along the way, she realised that she wasn’t as alone as she herself had once felt – that there were other people struggling with similar challenges. She decided to help by pulling together all she had learnt as a transformational coach and shamanic practitioner, so that she could share these precious tools with the people who need them most. Fifteen years later, Return to Self was born.

Her mission is helping heart-centred doctors to remember who they really are, so that they can live happy and fulfilled lives. She believes that everyone has the right to live in a way that is true to themselves. To discover, own and live their dreams – every day of their lives.

In short, to be happy.

What You Can Expect When You Join Return to Self:

1:1 & Group Support

Gone are the days of struggling on and feeling alone. When you join Return to Self, you will have full access to our bimonthly group coaching calls, monthly journeying circle and private community, where you can post any questions you may have and connect with the beautiful souls in your circle, PLUS a 1:1 private coaching call with Sally when you choose the one-off payment option.

What’s included?

Full access to the Return to Self programme and three months access to the Private Membership Community.

Group Coaching Calls

Twice a month, we will meet for a group coaching call via Zoom. This is your opportunity to bring your questions and challenges as I hold space and help you to break through outdated stories, limiting beliefs and overwhelm. Group coaching calls are a magical and immensely powerful space in which you can not only receive personal coaching and support, but are gifted with the realisation that other people’s challenges so often mirror our own, allowing us to remember that we are never alone. It can often be easier to recognise our own patterns in others and then apply those learnings to ourselves…

Monthly Journeying Circle

A chance for some truly beautiful self-love time as you put worries to one side and gift yourself with Sacred Space for this ancient and powerful shamanic practice.

Each month, I shall guide you on a shamanic journey using the beat of my drum to help you to drop in and access your own inner world, communicate with your very Soul and retrieve information.

For our inner world is in constant communication with the world around us, both the seen and the unseen, whether we realise it or not. We all have the answers we seek within us – we need only journey within to find them.

As well as answering specific questions, shamanic journeying may also be undertaken for personal healing, to meet your power animal or spirit guide, and any number of other reasons.

The journeys will change each month as I am guided, and I will always explain what we are doing and walk you through the process step-by-step.

Healing Prescription

This prescription will guide you as you learn the tools, practices and rituals that will support you not only now, but for life. You will be introduced to new practices and exercises at a pace that allows you the time and space you need to work through – and process – your own unique journey.

Private Membership Community

As part of the Return to Self programme, you will receive three months access to the private Return to Self Membership Community. This is a sacred sanctuary – a group of like-minded Souls who truly get what you’re going through as they are treading a similar path. A safe space to share your challenges and celebrations, and find your voice… A space of beautiful, meaningful connection and understanding.

This is the space in which I shall be sharing any additional prompts and support to help you dive even deeper as you travel on your journey.

1:1 Coaching Session

Exclusively for members who choose the one-off payment option: A private, 60 min 1:1 session, in which we can dive deep. Experience the transformational shifts that can happen in an instant…

Want help to shift a stubborn block? Need insight in to how to follow your heart? Let’s do it together.

Return to Self will be an intimate space of up to only 6 people – apply now to secure your spot…

Are you ready to reclaim yourself?

Ready to change your life?

Apply to join Return to Self


I can’t wait to meet you!

Optional Extra:


Do you feel the need for extra support?

I have a very limited number of openings for 1:1 coaching in which you’ll receive my personal support. This is your opportunity to receive more in-depth 1:1 coaching from me on your journey. Together, we’ll dive even deeper…


One-time payment for 3 months access to Return to Self, plus 3 months of 1:1 coaching with Sally


Apply here:

Kind Words…

Now, my life is colourful. And it’s not that you came and coloured it, it’s that you gave me the tools to choose how I would paint it myself…


Giulia, GP

Through our work I have become much more accepting of who I am, rather than who I think I should be. I have also recognised how I can work with change instead of resisting it. I now feel comfortable with my career change and I have learned a lot of practical tools to look after my own wellbeing. This process has given me the confidence to face up to difficult experiences rather than trying to bury them. I feel much more empowered and I trust that I can make the right choices for me.

Working with Sally was incredibly worthwhile and exceeded my expectations – four months ago, I could never have imagined how much I could grow through coaching.


Abi, Former GP

Sally validated how I felt, challenged assumptions, and gave me confidence to change direction. My new career path is bringing me much more joy, more time with my family, and I feel more passionate than I have in years. Sally’s coaching was key to moving forward.


Amy, former GP

I am freaking happy with what I have now and I can now see the steps that led me here, so I no longer want to just jump out of this reality and quit, because I also enjoy the work I have, the relationships I have, the abundance of life around me – knowing that I am already living the life I want!



Former GP

Working with Sally prompted me to make some immediate changes to my working life that have improved my work-life balance significantly. I most enjoyed when Sally challenged my thinking. Without exception, each session resulted in me looking at things in a different way and making a practical action plan.



Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Plus, choose the one-time payment option, and you’ll get a 1:1 private coaching session with me to deep-dive in to your life, your challenges, your hopes and your dreams and have the breakthroughs you need to start transforming your life straightaway!

Apply here so that, together, we can make sure that Return to Self is the perfect programme for you:


The questions you didn’t ask but might be secretly thinking…it’s okay – I’ve got you. 😉

How long will I have access to the programme’s trainings once I sign up?

You will have three months of access to the Return to Self trainings, many of which will be possible to download so that you can continue to use the practices for life. The private Return to Self Membership Community will remain open for a week after the programme finishes to give everyone time to round off our time together and exchange contact details (if you wish).

What are the dates/times for the release of the practices and upcoming Journeying & Group Calls? I'm worried I may not be able to attend live.
No worries! I will give plenty of advanced notice about the dates and times for any journeying and group calls. Most times will fall on Tuesdays at 6pm UK time, or another weekday, to try to accommodate as many people as possible. The full schedule will be released when we begin.

If for some reason you aren’t able to attend live you will have access to all replays and opportunities to ask questions in the Private Membership Circle afterwards.

I don’t have much free time and I’m worried that I’ll get overwhelmed. Will I be able to finish it all in time and make the most of the programme?

I have found that this structure (three weeks of exploration followed by a week of integration) works well to allow your mind, body and soul the space and time it needs to process and fully integrate new insights and shifts. There will be plenty of time to explore as you go, and I will always make sure that we go at a pace that works for everyone in the group. The practices themselves are designed to support you in creating the time and space you need to get the most out of the programme.

Plus, once you’ve finished, the practices are yours to keep. My intention is to give you tools for life – ones which you can come back to time and time again, allowing you to go even deeper, at your own pace. I trust that you will receive what you need from this process, exploring and using the practices that resonate and support you the most in that moment, leaving any which don’t for another day. There is no pressure to ‘do it all’, and no guilt or shame if you choose to leave a bit for another time… This is your own, unique journey and it will unfold perfectly for you…

I’ve never done anything like this before, will I be able to get the most out of the Trainings, Journeying and Calls?
It’s my goal to make this programme as welcoming, personal, easy to understand and helpful as possible. Whether you had never heard of shamanism or experienced coaching before you discovered this programme, or already had experience of their joys and practices, I shall be guiding you every step of the way, allowing you to dive as deeply as you wish – and are ready to. I will explain everything we do in detail, and I am always happy to answer any questions that may come up. There are no silly questions – I’m here to help you in any way that you need so you can get the most of this programme.
Is there a religious component to this programme? Will it conflict with my religious beliefs?
No matter what your religious beliefs are, shamanism welcomes all. It is not a religion, rather a spiritual practice with roots that are thousands of years old. Indeed, many religions, from Buddhism to Christianity, have their roots in ancient shamanism and still bear the shamanic threads of deep connection to the sacred in all things.

If you are open to deepening your connection to nature, other people and – of course – yourself, you are in the perfect place.

How is this different to the other group programmes and courses that I’ve signed up to?

Good question! This isn’t a faceless course where you are left to your own devices once you have the workbook in your hands and it’s all too easy to get left behind. Return to Self is an intimate space in which you will always be heard. I’ll be there to support you every step of the way and ensure that you have everything you need to continue your own, unique journey. 

Am I ready for this? I’m scared…
Many of my clients tell me this and I truly understand why, because I’ve been there too… Change can be scary, but I’ve learnt to ask myself – is it more scary to explore my options now, or to wake up 5, 10, 20+ years from now and realise that things are still the same (or worse)? The whole point of this programme is to empower you by helping you to reconnect with yourself and your intuition, so that any decisions you DO make are ones which you KNOW are right for you. We’ll be building your foundations from the ground up, so you’ll have everything you need to make decisions and transform your life.

I invite you to take a moment to drop in to your body and ask yourself how the thought of joining us feels. What does your intuition tell you? Trust yourself and the answer when it comes – whatever it may be.

How does group coaching work?
Simply come to our Zoom calls with anything you would like to talk about in the session and any questions you may have. At the time of each session, you’ll click on the link to join and I will then coach anyone who wishes to be, individually. I love group coaching because you learn a huge amount from watching other people being coached, and there always seems to be something highly relevant to your life that comes up for someone else too – it can be like holding a mirror up to yourself!

You will also be given an invitation to continue your journey on your own between calls, with practices that help you to nurture yourself, reflect and grow.

Calls will be recorded so you can catch up or re-watch them later, if you would like to.

When does Return to Self start?

We begin in January 2023.

Take the next steps on your journey to create the life you dream of…

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