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Daring to Dream of a Life Outside of Medicine

Are You Being True to Yourself?

Winter is the perfect time of year to tune in to yourself and check whether you - and your life - are in alignment with who you truly are, what you truly want to be doing and where you want to be heading. For many of my clients, asking those questions was a wake up...

What is Your Dream Outside of Medicine?

Tell me, what is your dream - your passion? ...Are you living it? All of the doctors that I work with have dreams. Some may have never admitted those dreams, even to themselves. Others know exactly what they want, but haven't allowed themselves to go after them for...

Are You Being Yourself?

So many doctors hide parts of themselves from their colleagues - even their family and friends - for fear of being judged. It's time to stop hiding...  Are you being 100% yourself? Or are you hiding the real 'you'? Transcript - - Hello my lovely, it's Dr. Sally...

How to Be More Patient

As a mother of three young children, patience is something that I so need, and yet it isn't always easy to keep hold of it when you're running late...again! In this video, I talk about the importance of patience and how to use self-care to be more patient...


Dr Sally Graddon

The Soul Healer

I help doctors to find balance, reconnect with the things that are truly important to them and create a life that makes them light up as they Dare to Dream of a life outside of medicine!

As a former doctor and now mother of three, I know only too well the challenges of trying to balance career and family life, and I feel incredibly privileged to help others create a life they love, as I have done myself.

Send me a message to find out more about working with me. I look forward to 'meeting' you!

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