Why You Feel Unfulfilled, Even If You ‘Have It All’, and How to Create a Life You Love

August 22, 2017

Time and time again I come across highly successful professionals whose lives are slowly unravelling in front of their eyes. Years of training and work have paid off, and – on paper, at least – they have it all. And yet… they’re unfullfilled and unhappy. They sense that there must be more to life than ‘this’.

In this video I share the biggest reason why you feel unfulfilled, and the powerful questions to ask yourself in order to turn your life around if you have lost sight of who you truly are.


Do you feel unfulfilled? Have you lost sight of the things that are truly important to you? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. If you found the ideas useful I would be honoured if you shared it with your network.

This video was originally recorded as a Facebook Live.


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– – Hello, it’s Dr. Sally Graddon here, The Life Balance Doctor.

I am joining you today from rather wet, windy and rather wild North Devon here in the UK and it’s quite spectacular, actually.

It’s so easy for so many of us who’ve got good jobs, great pay, lovely house, wonderful family, all these many, many things that tick all the boxes and look great on paper to end up feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled and so I’ve wanted to share with you today why that is and how you can do something about it. So those of you who don’t know me, I’m Dr. Sally Graddon, I am the Life Balance Doctor. My passion, my purpose in life, is to help people to become the best version of themselves. To create a life that they absolutely love and to really, really shine and to put their light out into the world and to really make the most of their lives and wake up every day looking forward to what the day is going to bring them and wanting to jump out of bed! So that’s where my passion lies and I wanted to come and talk to you about how easy it can be to create that life for yourself.

Now so many of my clients come to me and they’ve got everything on paper. They’ve got the great job, they’ve got the fat pay check, they’ve got a loving family and everything that anybody really could want or need and yet they still feel as though there’s something missing. Perhaps they feel lonely or lost or just miserable and they often can’t quite put their finger on why and they do feel really guilty as well for feeling that way because they’ve often got so much more than so many other people out there in world. But, why should they, what right have they got to feeling unhappy?

It’s really easy to fall into that trap of feeling that you’re not worthy of being happy. And the reason that just about everybody that I work with, everybody that I meet who has this issue, the root cause is because they’re not being true to themselves. They’re not living their lives in a way that is truly aligned with who they are. They’ve lost sight of who they are at their core. What’s really important to them and what makes them tick, what their motivation is for getting up and doing the things they do day in, day out. They’ve maybe spent so long trying to be who they think other people think they should be, or who they think other people want them to be that they’ve completely lost sight of who they really, really are, deep down. And that’s really, really dangerous actually.

My background, for those of you who don’t know me, I was a doctor. I’m a real, live doctor. I spent all my life wanting to be a doctor and so, I did. I worked really hard and I achieved that. And it’s only in retrospect that I was able to see that actually I spent my life trying to do what I thought other people wanted and to try and live up to what I thought a doctor should be. To fit into that doctor-shaped box. And I made myself miserable in the process. And I see it happening time and time and time again with my clients, because we spend so long trying to live up to our family’s expectations or friends’. Society in general. We try and be who we feel that we should be.

So it’s really important to get back in touch with you. When we sweep away all those expectations of others, when we sweep away all of those things that we have put in our heads, which actually, if you ask those other people, quite often they don’t want that for us. They don’t want us to be that way, and they most certainly don’t want us to be that way if it’s making us unhappy. So when we sweep all that to one side, and really return to ourselves and really ask ourselves – what can be a really difficult question, if you’ve spent a long time not living in a way that is truly aligned with yourself. Then when we get back to that and ask ourselves the question of what is important to me?

What really makes me tick?

Who am I?

Why do I want these things from life?

What do I want from life?

And it sounds simplistic saying it, but actually it really can be that simple. It really can be as simple as sitting down and asking yourselves those questions. Because if you’re honest with yourself, when was the last time you really and truly asked yourself why did you want to do that thing? When was the last time you really sat down and asked yourself, what do I want from my life? When did you really sit down and ask yourself what is important to me? What’s really, truly important to me? And I bet that actually you may not ever have even asked yourself that question. And so if you haven’t, now would be a fantastic time to do it. Because when you start diving through, diving down through those layers and peeling those layers. I say it’s like peeling layers off an onion. And shedding all of those expectations and layers of guilt and all of the other things that you have built up yourself around yourself. Then you suddenly realise that the core, the thing that makes you you is still there in the middle. And when you get back to that, when you get back to who you really are, what’s really truly important to you, what makes you tick? What makes you excited and feel free and alive? When you get back to that you can answer that question, everything else will fall into place.

You will never achieve your full potential whilst you are trying to be somebody that you’re not. You will never live up to your full potential and achieve the things that you truly can until and unless you’re prepared to let go of those things that you have surrounded yourself with as a layer of protection. And the feeling that you should be something in particular.

When you’re just you, you will shine. And you’ll light up from within and suddenly you will just know that this is who you are, this is what you’re meant to be, and this is what you’re supposed to do with your life and the way you’re supposed to behave and act and just live.

So I’d encourage you to ask yourself those questions and if you would like to find out more about how you can work with me to find out some of the answers to these questions and a whole load more, then there’s a link below, just click on that and book a call with me. Because your life can be spectacular. Each and every one of you who’s watching. Your life can be mind-blowingly incredible. You just need to let it.

So get in touch and I would really love to hear from you.

Take care and I will speak to you all soon. Bye.

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