Letting Go Of the ‘Superwoman’ Title

July 25, 2017

As women, mothers, *humans*, we need to let go of the ‘Superwoman’ title. For so long trying to ‘do it all’ has been glamourised, and yet it never, ever ends well.


Join me in this video as I share my thoughts around being a ‘Wonderwoman’, and how a few small shifts in your thinking can change your life for the better.


Have you been trying to be Wonderwoman? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. If you found the ideas useful I would be honoured if you shared it with your network.


This video was originally recorded as a Facbook Live.



– – Hello, my lovely friends. It’s Dr. Sally Graddon, the Life Balance Doctor here.

I have been on a couple of calls today talking to some wonderful, wonderful women and something that stood out for me for many of the women that I speak to is this feeling that we need to be a superwoman, that we need to be strong, hold it together, be everything and do everything.

And we can. We can do those things, but – and there is a big but – it comes at a price. Slowly but surely we burn out, because whilst we can be strong and we can stand on our own and we can do all of these things, when it gets to a point where we refuse to ask for help because we feel too proud or too ashamed, or just as though we can’t ask for the support that we so desperately need, then it can become really destructive.

Sometimes the strongest thing we can do as women, mothers, humans is to ask for help. Is to admit that we can’t do everything, be everything, and to love ourselves and take the time for self-care, to take the time to go out and have fun. That can be the hardest thing to do when we’re in a situation where we feel almost a little bit desperate, as though we have to keep going relentlessly and regardless of our own emotional, mental or physical health.

It can be so hard to allow ourselves – to give ourselves permission – to look after ourselves, but it’s at that point that we have to. We have to say, ‘you know what, I need help’, or ‘do you know what, I need to go out and have fun’, because when we allow that in, we are being strong.

There is strength in our vulnerability and that is something that is so powerful. It’s so powerful to show that to our daughters, to our sons, to our friends and people around us.

So, if you are at that point where you feel as though you can’t take any time out of your work, if you’re at a point where you feel that you can’t go out by yourself or leave your children for a little while, if you’re at a point where you feel that you have to do everything, that is the point when you – more than any other time – absolutely have to, because I can pretty much guarantee that if you do take the time to show yourself that care and attention, your productivity will skyrocket, your motivation, your enthusiasm will go through the roof, because none of us can do the wonderful work we do from a place where we have nothing left to give.

So go out there, do something fun, commit to loving yourself today and let me know in the comments what you do or what you plan to do and enjoy yourself! Have lots of fun and I will speak to you soon.

Take care, bye.

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