Dr Sally Graddon

Shamanic Practitioner | Life Coach | Healer


Helping heart-centred doctors to heal their Soul and follow their dreams

It’s time to be YOU!

Welcome, my lovely!

I believe that everyone has the right to be themselves – in short, to be happy.

If you’re here, I have a feeling that you do too…


Sally x

My Philosophy…

‘I don’t know who I am anymore – I’m not even sure I know what makes me happy…’ is something I hear from many of my clients, some of the most beautiful Souls on the planet.

You see, most people think that once you’ve achieved all of your goals you’ll finally be happy. The truth is… if you’re not living your life true to yourself, you can never be truly happy or fulfilled.

Most people think that once you’ve made a commitment to a path, you’d be letting people down if you change your mind. The truth is… when you listen to your inner voice and allow your gifts to shine, you will positively impact everyone around you.

Most people believe that it’s selfish to put yourself first. The truth is… you can only help people to the very best of your ability when your own cup is full.

I Believe…


That your life is precious and it’s never too late to follow your dreams…

Heal. (Re)Connect. Empower.

 I’m here to act as your guide on your journey of self-discovery as you tune in to your intuition, reclaim your True Self and go after your dreams, healing and empowering yourself in the process…

Ways to Work With Sally…

Group Coaching

Surround yourself with like-minded Souls in an intimate sanctuary as you Return to Self

One to One Coaching

Deep coaching for heart-centred medical professionals


Transformative, in-person events that provide the space for you to heal and grow

Coming soon…

Kind Words…

Now, my life is colourful. And it’s not that you came and coloured it, it’s that you gave me the tools to choose how I would paint it myself…


Giulia, GP

Through our work I have become much more accepting of who I am, rather than who I think I should be. I have also recognised how I can work with change instead of resisting it. I now feel comfortable with my career change and I have learned a lot of practical tools to look after my own wellbeing. This process has given me the confidence to face up to difficult experiences rather than trying to bury them. I feel much more empowered and I trust that I can make the right choices for me.

Working with Sally was incredibly worthwhile and exceeded my expectations – four months ago, I could never have imagined how much I could grow through coaching.


Abi, Former GP

Working with Sally prompted me to make some immediate changes to my working life that have improved my work-life balance significantly. I most enjoyed when Sally challenged my thinking. Without exception, each session resulted in me looking at things in a different way and making a practical action plan.


Consultant Surgical Oncologist

About Sally…


Dr Sally Graddon is a transformational coach and shamanic healer. A former doctor, Sally offers grounded, practical support to empower medical professionals to do the inner work needed to heal their Soul, reclaim their True Self and create their best life, as they follow their dreams and experience True Freedom.

When you’re ready to take the next steps on your journey to creating the life you dream of and would like to find out how I can help you

I can’t wait to meet you!

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